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Many people prefer not to have large animals at home, choosing small rodents that need a comfortable cage and a balanced diet to be happy. The best feeds for rats and mice contain not only a basic set of grains, but also full of vitamin and protein supplements that a pet needs in captivity.

TOP best food for rats

Versele-Laga Nature Rat 750 g

Versele-Laga Nature Rat 750 g

Combined feed for rats from the famous Belgian company Versele-Laga tops the rating due to the most natural composition approved by breeders and ratologists, a variety of ingredients and not the highest price for a super-premium class. In addition, rodents really like this diet, they eat the entire daily portion to the last crumb with appetite. The complete food is not only quite nutritious, but also rich in all the necessary vitamins, because it includes as many as 22 components, including several types of cereals, vegetables, nuts, fruits, vegetable protein, various seeds, calendula, algae, Yucca Schidigera extract and other beneficial ingredients.

Buyers appreciate the food for its high quality, balance and a noticeable improvement in the appearance and health of the pet, as well as the absence of debris and dust. Also, Nature for rats differs from analogues in packaging with a convenient clasp, which allows you to preserve the taste and aroma of the feed after opening the package.

Beaphar Care + Rat 700 g

Beaphar Care + Rat 700 g

Beaphar Care+ has become one of the few pelleted foods and the highest quality of them. Although rat breeders and veterinarians often argue about which food is better for rats, granular or combined, containing both granules and grains, there is still no clear answer. However, as practice shows, none of these types of food has a bad effect on the health of the pet, provided that the composition is balanced, as is the case with Beaphar. But it is known for sure that such a diet is optimal for fussy people. Each Beaphar granule contains an equal amount of nutrients, ensuring that the rat gets exactly what it needs, including wheat and other grains, corn, vegetables and even algae, grasses and a small percentage of protein food.

It is especially recommended to take a closer look at this food for the owners of young rats, who need to grind their teeth especially actively. However, as the reviews and comments of ratologists show, it should not be given to older animals, which, due to their age, find it difficult to chew on granules.

Naturalist Basic Meal 450 g

Naturalist Basic Meal 450 g Rat Food

The main advantage of the basic but healthy menu for domestic rats, according to reviews, was the absence of dust, husks, dyes, flavors and fatty components, making it a very good clean and dietary food. A distinctive feature of the main Naturalist diet is herbal extruded pads, which are very popular with all rats and contain many useful vitamins and minerals. The main components, as expected, are wheat, oatmeal, corn and barley, diluted with corn, sunflower seeds and flattened peas.

Due to the natural composition and attractive price, the feed has become one of the most popular representatives of the economy class. However, it is important to remember that this is a basic diet that needs to be varied with unsalted peanuts, fresh fruits, fruits, vegetables, and other missing ingredients.

Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital 400 g

Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital 400 g food for rats

High-quality German premium food Vitakraft is a real find for those who do not want to puzzle over complementary foods for a long time. This is one of the best and most balanced menus for rats, so it is almost not necessary to offer the animal something extra, except occasionally as a treat. In addition to a varied cereal assortment, the food includes as much as 10% fruits, seeds, plant extracts, nuts, minerals and even low-fat dairy products, milk and Yucca Schidigera extract. The last element, which in a certain combination makes up the so-called Anti-Odor complex, normalizes the functioning of the intestines, suppresses inflammation and reduces the smell of rat waste products. Special dairy components rich in vitamins will come in handy when feeding young animals.

Thus, this premium food is considered one of the best solutions with an adequate price-quality ratio. Relating to the middle price segment, it is quite nutritious and does not contain harmful substances.

Little One Rats 400 g

Little One Rats 400 g food for rats

Little One rat food is one of the most sought-after representatives of the category. It can be easily found in any pet store in the country in completely different formats, the most common and convenient of which is soft packaging weighing 400 grams. At the same time, the composition of the food is quite worthy for its money, although not the best, since it is recommended to supplement it with fruits and a small amount of protein sources, for example, low-fat cottage cheese. However, the content of oats, buckwheat, barley, carob, peas and multi-grain granules from soy, wheat, sunflower and linseeds makes the food quite nutritious and healthy. Dried bananas, puffed wheat and puffed corn, which are also included in Little One, are a special favorite of most rats.

According to reviews, rodents eat this food quite willingly, only sometimes leaving small grains. It is nutritious, quite economical and affordable. The disadvantages include only the periodic ingress of small debris, husks and dust.

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