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Diesel cars are especially popular with domestic drivers. Diesel cars deserve special treatment due to economical fuel consumption and good engine traction. The only drawback of a car with a diesel engine is a difficult start in severe frost. Among the many reasons for a non-started car, special attention should be paid to the battery. To start a diesel engine, you need a lot of air pressure in the chamber and fine atomization of fuel. The role of the battery in starting is to generate strong torque.

What parameters are important to pay attention to when buying a battery for a diesel engine?

  • One of the most important characteristics of an electrical device is capacitance. It is expressed in ampere-hours (Ah) and shows how many hours the battery will give a current of 1 A. In the case of a diesel engine, it should be 10-15% higher than for a gasoline unit of the same volume. However, you should not exceed the recommendations of the automaker, because the alternator will not be able to fully charge the battery with a higher capacity.
  • Experts recommend paying special attention to one more parameter. This is the starting current. It is indicated in amperes (A), and this value is determined at -18 ° C for 30 s. The higher the starting energy, the longer and more powerful the starter will rotate. But the cold scroll current can be measured using different methods, it is important to compare data using the same one (GOST, EN, SAE, etc.).
  • During testing, the reserve capacity is also determined. It is measured in minutes with all electrical appliances on. This is a kind of endurance battery.

The best batteries for small diesel engines (up to 1500 cc)

MUTLU Calcium Silver

MUTLU Calcium Silver battery

Turkish batteries MUTLU Calcium Silver confidently hold a leading position in the Russian market. Experts explain this phenomenon by an excellent combination of price and quality. The brand today is increasingly featured in various ratings and tests, demonstrating good performance. The battery was created using innovative technology using lead-calcium plates. The starting current is enough to easily start diesel engines. Moreover, even a stubborn power unit, which requires several scrolls, is subject to the Turkish current source. The manufacturer also took care of the ease of use. You can control charging by eye, and the electrolyte level does not need to be checked.

Many buyers have experience using the MUTLU battery on diesel engines. They praise the battery for good starting current, affordable price and ease of maintenance. But the downtime of the car in frosty weather does not like the current source.

Tyumen Bear

Tyumen Bear battery

The domestic manufacturer managed to achieve good performance from the Tyumen Bear battery. The battery is produced according to modern technology using cutting and stretching of plates. Calcium is introduced into the lead strip, due to which it is possible to increase the starting current and increase the reserve capacity. These qualities are especially important for starting diesel engines in cold weather. The model has successfully passed the people’s tests of the magazine «Behind the wheel», proving its endurance. And if other parameters are not the best, but the price of the Tyumen battery makes it competitive in the domestic car market.

Users in the reviews confirm the quality factor of the battery, highlighting the availability, quality workmanship and endurance. Even in the harsh winter, it is possible to start a serviceable diesel engine. However, defective products also get into the distribution network.

Optima Yellow Top

Optima Yellow Top battery

The standard among gel batteries is the American model Optima Yellow Top. It demonstrates a record starting current, easily reanimating even old diesel engines. The innovative model is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight, which was achieved by spiral stacking of the plates. Round cans are a feature of the American battery. The battery does not lose its power even in severe frosts. The power source withstands a large number of charge and discharge cycles, providing a long and trouble-free service life.

So far, advanced technology has not become widespread in our country. The limiting factor is the extremely high price. And with the maintenance of a gel battery, not everything is so simple. You will have to turn to specialists for recharging so as not to disable an expensive device with your wrong actions.

The best batteries for mid-range diesels (1500-2700cc)

Medalist Standard

Medalist Standard Battery

The Korean battery Medalist Standard surprised many experts by showing the best results in testing. The current source became the winner in four out of five nominations of the magazine «Behind the wheel» among models with a capacity of 60-77 Ah. The battery received unique properties after replacing the alloying elements in the lead-calcium plate. The place of antimony was taken by silver, while the cost of the battery increased slightly. On the other hand, high starting current, excellent reserve capacity, and maintaining performance in frosty winters make the current source indispensable for diesel cars. It should also take into account the small weight of the device compared to competitors, the convenience of its movement. The battery is easy to use and requires only periodic recharging.

Users are flattering in their reviews regarding battery performance. It is widely used on diesel cars, from the popular Trade Winds to modern Tuareg.

Tyumen Battery

Tyumen Battery

In terms of price-quality ratio, many experts consider it the best in the budget segment. The battery tested showed excellent results in terms of starting current and reserve capacity. Thanks to these properties, even with a capacity of 60 Ah, it is possible to start a diesel engine in frosty weather. Some users are satisfied with the classic battery design, where each bank has its own plug. This allows you to monitor the electrolyte level and its density, top up distilled water in a timely manner and restore the capacity. And although you can’t put such a battery on the Tuareg, the battery is perfect for diesel foreign cars with an engine capacity of 1.5-2.0 liters.

The battery recovers quickly after a discharge, it is important not to «land» it under zero. From the negative reviews, one can single out a limited service life with insufficiently careful operation.

Varta Blue Dynamic

Varta Blue Dynamic battery

The German battery Varta Blue Dynamic has all the necessary qualities to run diesel engines for many years. The model has a high starting energy, it quickly restores capacity, is reliable and durable. In the competition, which was held by the authoritative publication «Behind the Wheel», the battery won in terms of charging speed. The model is not far behind the winners in other categories. Experts recommend installing Warta with a rich set of electrical equipment of a car. The introduction of modern technology for the manufacture of Ca / Ca plates favorably affected the cold start power in winter.

In the reviews, motorists praise the battery, noting the long warranty period (2 years), reliability, and quick capacity recovery. The battery fully confirms the high trust that domestic consumers have for the brand.

Banner Power Bull Battery

Many domestic motorists buy an Austrian Banner Power Bull battery for their diesel. Although the battery does not show outstanding results in testing, but with an excellent reserve capacity (over 100 minutes), it stands out from the competition. In general, experts consider the Austrian current source to be very balanced. It has reasonable price, good starting current, easy maintenance.

The reviews of Russian motorists helped the battery to get into our rating. Affectionately calling the battery “my bull”, they are surprised at its endurance and durability. On many diesel engines, the battery has been working properly for more than 5 years. But in order for the Banner Power Bull to always be in great shape, it is necessary to recharge its capacity with a charger several times a year.

The best batteries for vans and SUVs (over 2700 cc)

Bosch S5 Silver Plus

Bosch S5 Silver Plus battery

Specialists and car enthusiasts respect batteries for their powerful starting current and long service life. It is not surprising that many automakers complete their cars with these current sources on the assembly line. Often they are trusted to work with serious diesel units that are installed on commercial vehicles and SUVs. Devices from Germany are characterized by minimal self-discharge, so even the occasional use of equipment does not become critical for the performance of the battery.

The advantages of the Bosch S5 Silver Plus battery include reliability, power and affordability. It requires minimal maintenance (recharging) and recovers quickly. But compared to its predecessors, the battery life has decreased slightly. One of the reasons experts call the location of production in other countries.

TAB Polar Truck

TAB Polar Truck battery

TAB Polar Truck batteries are designed specifically for vehicles with high starting current requirements. They are optimally suited for heavy SUVs, small trucks, minibuses, commercial vehicles. The model was manufactured using the new Sb / Ca technology, thanks to which excellent characteristics were obtained, productivity and reliability were increased. The battery does not stand out either for the better or for the worse by any parameters. It is well balanced, the Slovenian product is not afraid of the harsh Russian winter. In the model line, you can find a battery with a capacity of 110 to 225 Ah. The battery is bought by owners of powerful Land Cruisers and Tuareg.

Owners of solid diesel vehicles praise the battery for its resistance to frost, high output power, endurance, and lack of self-discharge. But the starter does not always turn the battery quickly, and the weight of the device is very large (from 26.2 to 57.2 kg).


american battery

Recommendations for use were received from the magazine «Behind the Wheel» by the Korean battery American. During frost resistance tests, he showed the second result (starting energy at -29 ° C). Everything is good with the battery and with reserve capacity. Therefore, it will give out several energetic series when starting a diesel engine in cold weather without problems. By the way, American automakers also trust Korean batteries. Asian products are supplied to the conveyor of General Motors, as well as to the branches of Ssangyong, Toyota, Isuzu. Indirectly, the reliability and durability of the power source can be judged by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

There is a heated debate on the thematic forums about the quality of American batteries. Analyzing the arguments of opponents, we can conclude that a lot of counterfeit products enter the domestic market. She then spoils the reputation of the South Korean manufacturer.

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