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The best option for a kitchen or miniature bedroom is a TV with a small display diagonal, such as 28 inches. Modest dimensions and light weight allow you to put the device even on a coffee table or bedside table. Most models are also easy to mount on the wall. At the same time, the display diagonal and resolution are quite enough for comfortable viewing of both popular programs and full-length films in good quality.

Representatives of the category are not too numerous, but diverse. Inexpensive technology, of course, offers the user only the basic functions necessary to watch satellite and digital channels or play video files from a USB drive. The best budget 28-inch TVs are sometimes additionally equipped with child protection, a sleep timer, and other useful features. However, you can’t usually expect more from them.

Rating of the best TVs with a diagonal of 28 inches

Samsung UE28N4500AU

Samsung UE28N4500AU TV

Samsung is the global leader in the TV category, according to Omdia, an independent market research firm. One of its most interesting models is the UE28N4500AU, literally stuffed with technology. So, HDR technology helps to increase the contrast and color of the picture on the screen. The Ultra Clean View function eliminates distortion by analyzing the original data using a new algorithm, while PurColour and Micro Dimming Pro are responsible for the accuracy and realism of color reproduction. As a result, a screen with a modest, in general, 28-inch diagonal invariably causes a wow effect.

There are a lot of reviews about this TV — the popularity of Samsung in the Russian market affects. They write that he is on friendly terms with Wi-Fi, smart TV works smartly, and T2 does not fail. But what is criticized is the HD Ready resolution, and not the more advanced FHD, not all readable formats and quiet sound. Although regarding the latter, most agree that for the kitchen or bedroom, where such a diagonal is most often bought, it is not necessary louder.


LG 28MT49S-PZ television

LG’s most stylish and feature-packed TV is loved by many customers with its luscious HD screen with a color range of 16.7 million, practical stable design and thin bezels. Equipped with Smart TV webOS 3.5, it quickly copes with applications and easily downloads movies in online cinemas.

Like some 28-inch competitors, the model connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, supports Ethernet and USB interfaces, provides for parallel connection of up to two independent TV tuners and successfully copes with common audio and video formats, and even with 3D images. And the capabilities of the device do not end there. Technology aficionados will be pleasantly surprised by features such as TV control via a smartphone app, network file sharing, and Miracast and WiDi functions that allow wireless data transfer even without a Wi-Fi connection. The downside is the weak sound.

Polar P28L33T2C

Polar P28L33T2C television

The domestic manufacturer creates high-quality TVs at the level of expensive imported analogues at a budget price affordable for most Russians. The P28L33T2C model has a powerful control processor, a reliable power supply circuit and well-chosen peripherals, which together provide excellent display of content at a resolution of 1366×768 and a long service life of a multimedia device, taking into account the realities of Russian operation.

The built-in USB CINEMA HD home theater replaces your DVD player and lets you watch movies in high definition. All conversions of signals from the antenna input and external devices (HDMI, USB) are provided digitally — with the best video and sound quality. The fact that the TV turned out to be successful is also said in the reviews — users like rich colors, a thin display and a wide selection of connection interfaces. They are not even depressed by the lack of a Wi-Fi module, there are only complaints about the sound of the speakers.

Hyundai H-LED28ET3001

Hyundai H-LED28ET3001 television

In 2019, Hyundai expanded its range of budget TVs with the fresh H-LED28ET3001 model. The reason for its choice by many buyers is not least the affordable price, but there are a number of other advantages. The first is the good quality of the matrix with a diagonal of 28 inches and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which can ensure the smoothness of the mid-dynamic picture and the absence of artifacts. Static images are completely pleasing — beautiful, bright, with real black.

2 speakers of 5 watts are responsible for the sound. On their own, they might not have given any remarkable result, but thanks to the built-in NICAM decoder, the effect of stereophonic accompaniment is obtained. True, for this it is important to have the correct signal in the antenna, even better if an antenna amplifier is used. In making the final decision, the popularity of Hyundai also works: it has been on the market for a long time and gadgets with its logo have a lot of fans. The presence of a network of service centers and a technical support department inspire confidence that the TV will work not only for the first warranty year, but for the entire service life — 5 years.

Asano 28LH1010T

Asano 28LH1010T television

Asano 28LH1010T TV owners have access to all the possibilities of modern LED panels. The built-in DVB-T2 digital tuner perfectly receives the digital signal and is responsible for the best performance of audio and video files. You do not need to purchase an additional set-top box, all free channels are automatically found. For small rooms 10-15 sq. m. The diagonal fits perfectly, the screen does not glare, there is plenty of brightness and contrast. The sound in a limited space is even a bit like a multi-channel one, although there are only 2 7W emitters in the case.

Of the additional goodies on the TV, there is a Hotel mode, useful for hotels, a built-in teletext function with information about programs, news and weather forecasts. There is also parental control with customization of certain parameters. Smart functionality is not provided, as well as support for HDR, which is sad, since the price tag on this TV has recently increased by 30%.

BQ 28S01B

BQ 28S01B television

TVs with a diagonal of 28 inches are a rare technique, not every manufacturer can find it. But the Russian company BQ has 2 such models — with and without Smart TV. Obviously, the «smart» 28S01B with an HD matrix and bright Direct LED backlight is more popular. The viewing angle is 178°, which distinguishes the TV device from analogues with an indicator of 160‒170°. You can connect anything to it — HDMI connectors are provided 3, USB — 2, the user also has a wireless interface in the form of Wi-Fi.

The audio system of 2 microphones of 8 W each sounds solid, for some it is too loud even at a minimum. The color palette is as close to the real world as possible. Channels are set up quickly, the built-in Youtube and NTV-Android diversify media leisure. As for a budget TV, all functions work perfectly, especially the speed of Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone somewhere in the rural outback. The only thing that is depressing is that the angle of action of the remote control is too small, so when aiming at the photodetector, you have to train sniper accuracy.

Thomson T28RTL5240

Thomson T28RTL5240 television

If you are looking for a Smart TV but don’t want to pay a few thousand dollars for such a feature, then you will definitely like the Thomson T28RTL5240.

The screen is one of the advantages of the TV according to the reviews of its owners. It boasts a good brightness of 280 candelas per square meter and Direct LED backlighting, which is placed behind the display and is more uniform than the side Edge LED.

The sound quality here is also excellent, as for the declared cost — two speakers with a total power of 20 watts. With a variety of ports, one of the best 28-inch TVs in the ranking will also not disappoint buyers, because it provides two HDMI 1.4 inputs, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, 3.5 mm and Ethernet connectors, as well as Wi-Fi.

Samsung T27H390SI

Samsung T27H390SI television

Do you want to buy a not too expensive Full HD TV with a quality build and good viewing angles? Then this model will not disappoint you. The screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels makes it possible to get the most out of viewing. The screen size is visually increased by high-quality LED backlighting. The total power of the two speakers is 10 watts. TV functionality is greatly enhanced by USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports. In addition, there is a wireless internet module. Surprisingly, with all this, the device weighs only 4.7 kilograms. Therefore, this model is rightfully included in our rating of TVs with a 28-inch display. Moreover, in terms of price-quality ratio, it can be called one of the best among the products presented in this category.

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