Review of the best manufacturers of home security systems


Despite the fact that Western manufacturers of alarms, security systems and «Smart Home» systems offer a large selection of high quality products, in Russia, similar systems of domestic companies are still more in demand.

This is due to several things:

  • First, the voltage difference. American and European manufacturers design security systems taking into account the voltage that is standard for them, which is 210-230 V. In Russia, manufacturers take into account the usual voltage of 220 V.
  • Secondly, the pricing policy. In terms of functionality, Russian security and alarm systems are not much inferior to Western counterparts, while being cheaper.
  • Thirdly, domestic manufacturers take into account the conditions in which the systems will have to work. And these are often quite low temperatures, uncharacteristic for America and Europe.

Nevertheless, our short review includes both Russian and Western manufacturers, who can boast of a good choice, proven product quality and good functionality.

Rating of manufacturers of security systems for the home


Xital security system

Initially, this company specialized in control systems for heating and temperature in the house. However, now its burglar alarms are in great demand due to the fact that they have an excellent set of functions, including monitoring the temperature in the house. To do this, security systems are equipped with several sensors for monitoring devices and the state of the house. It provides for the installation of two SIM cards to communicate with the owner, there is an application for remote control, the ability to configure up to 10 phone numbers to send messages from the system.

A great option for owners of country houses, where there is often a need for remote access to several electrical appliances.


  • inexpensive;
  • has extended functionality;
  • convenient management;
  • connection of up to 40 control sensors.


Visonic security system

An Israeli company that offers an excellent selection of different alarms for private homes and businesses, security systems and equipment. It firmly occupies the first places in the world rankings and is considered one of the most reliable, proven and high-quality manufacturers. Their radio channel security systems provide for the most atypical situations, have a good coverage area, offer users a choice of access levels and the ability to send messages from the system to the owner’s phone in an emergency.

A fairly wide selection of systems that are diverse in terms of the place of use and functionality allows using their products both for the owner of a small cottage and the owner of an ordinary apartment.


  • excellent coverage area;
  • high quality of sensors and systems in general;
  • wide range of customization options.


  • quite high price.


Xiaomi security system

Their «Smart Home» systems have ample opportunities for protection and prevention of dangerous situations. The company has long been known as a manufacturer of various equipment and is not exclusively a manufacturer of security systems. However, it makes our list due to the versatility of its systems for the home.

Installing even the most budgetary system will allow you to acquire a motion sensor and the opening of windows and doors, and if you eventually need a wider coverage of the security system, then you can always purchase and install the necessary sensors.


  • universality;
  • possibilities for reassembly;
  • stylish appearance;
  • simple installation and easy operation.


  • sometimes there are server failures.


Guardian security system

The company offers a wide range of alarms and security systems not only for houses or apartments, but also for large warehouses. The domestic manufacturer already has an excellent reputation among users. Guard alarms and security systems can be updated to new firmware versions for free. The systems are designed for Russian operating conditions, have built-in protection against signal jammers, and support the connection of other systems. For example, video cameras and microphones, fire systems and others. At the same time, security systems can operate both from the network and in emergency mode from built-in batteries.


  • compactness, ease of use and installation;
  • wide functionality
  • acceptable price.


  • there are no indicator lights for system status.


Atis security system

A Chinese manufacturing company, recognized by many as one of the best in the field of security for homes, industrial and large-area warehouses. Its security systems allow you to build a full-fledged protection against hacking, as well as other extreme situations.

The systems support the possibility of sharing with equipment from other manufacturers, have simple and clear control, can be controlled both from a key fob and from a mobile phone.


  • simple and easy installation;
  • excellent choice of systems;
  • compatibility with other manufacturers;
  • the possibility of autonomous work;
  • a large set of sensors.


  • setting only from a keychain or mobile phone.
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