Rating of the best shock absorbers for cars


Automobile shock absorbers are an important element of the vehicle suspension, which compensates for vibrations and shocks when driving over bumps, bumps and other road surface defects. Oil, gas-oil or gas systems are rigid and allow owners to choose the best option according to their preferences.

Our rating presents the best shock absorbers for the front and rear suspension of a car that can be purchased on the domestic market.

The best German-made car shock absorbers


Bilstein shock absorbers

Bilstein has firmly established itself in the world market as the best supplier of shock absorbers for luxury cars (along with KONI). They are so famous in the world that the Japanese auto concern Subaru completes its cars with these springs and struts directly from the factory.

In their assortment, you can find both gas (gas-oil) and oil racks, oriented to different driving styles. So, the Sport series (as if hinting at the direct affiliation of this industry) is actually intended not for sports, but for fast driving on autobahns or city roads (no one canceled reckless drivers even in Europe). But the Sprint and Rally series are just the same profile of sports shock absorbers, and, one might say, the company’s calling card. Of course, it is foolish to hope for any comfort, but stability on the roadway will be guaranteed. As a result, the products of this company are expensive, but such a high price is fully justified by the brilliant quality in all aspects without exception.


BOGE shock absorbers

German shock absorbers of the middle price segment, widely used in BMW, Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen cars. They enjoy stable, but still incomparable popularity with Bilstein, largely due to the optimal price-quality ratio.

In terms of assortment, BOGE is very rich:

  • gas shock absorbers Pro-Gas to ensure a soft and ergonomic ride of the car;
  • Turbo 24 is a series of single-tube shock absorbers designed for extreme off-road driving;
  • Turbo-Gas — gas-oil shock absorbers charged for sports driving (tough, but provide excellent handling);
  • Nivomat — a series of shock absorbers on massive springs for cars operating in a constant «load»;
  • And finally, Automatic — oil shock absorbers for an extra-comfortable ride.

The same suspension elements can also be found on Korean cars, such as the premium Kia Quoris (“Kia Quoris”). In general, users are satisfied with what they purchase, and this is a sure sign of a good manufacturer.


SACHS shock absorbers

In addition to the production of suspension parts, it specializes in the production of transmission components. The main feature of SACHS shock absorbers is that the same kit can be installed on both a passenger car and a full-fledged SUV … and the ride quality will practically not change from this.

The company produces several types of shock absorbers for all occasions:

  • Super Touring — oil or gas struts combined with standard springs, which are the basic option for a comfortable ride;
  • Advantage — an «advanced» level of shock absorbers (gas-oil or hydraulic) designed for stable passage of any roadway;
  • The Sporting Set is the very set for those who like to go into the cutoff, moderately hard, but giving a feeling of complete submission to the road.

Such a step towards universalization has been taken, rather, based on marketing considerations, and only time will tell how justified it is. In the meantime, their shock absorbers are installed on many brands of running cars, including the Russian VAZ.

The best car shock absorbers from other European companies


KONI shock absorbers

One of the most expensive and best shock absorbers on the world market. They are developed in Holland and massively exported to Germany, where (and this is an original feature) they have a lifetime warranty (though only for one owner). Like many other manufacturers, KONI has color-coded springs for the suspension strut:

  • red — shock absorbers of the Special series, combining excellent stability on the road (with slight rolls in corners) and softness;
  • yellow — Sport shock absorbers, providing the best stability, but at the mercy of the comfort component;
  • blue — a series of shortened struts and springs Sport kit, absolutely clumsy in terms of ergonomics, but perfectly holding the car during aggressive passage of the track;
  • black — a powerful Load-a-Juster series, designed to withstand large static loads.

As you can see, the choice is really big. KONI serves almost all running cars in Europe, the USA and Asia, and is also a supplier of suspension components for prestigious racing series.


KROSNO shock absorbers

Polish brand specializing in the production of suspension elements, including shock absorbers. It does not have such species diversity as its competitors, but what it does have is consistently well distributed. All racks are made with collapsible cases, so they can (and should) be repaired. As a rule, most (if not all) models are oil-based, and therefore not expensive, but not very durable either.

In general, in this component, the products of the Polish company look weak, as about 30-40% of users say. But you need to understand that the main purpose of the racks is moderate driving on good European roads, and not «jumps» in typical Russian directions. Of the design features, it is possible to emphasize the presence on all rear racks without exception of a special stem seal, which prevents dirt, dust and ice chips from entering the assembly.


AL-KO shock absorbers

Spanish shock absorbers that are simply born to operate in harsh rural off-road conditions. They are cheap, they are common, although not as durable as the same racks from the American-Belgian Monroe, but very popular in Russia. Moreover, dampers are most popular for passenger cars (the same VAZ, Niva, Renault, Skoda) and motor vehicles, while for SUVs and city crossovers (seemingly ideal off-road cars) there is simply no demand for them. They do not differ in any technical frills, but the model range is quite wide: it covers both gas (gas-oil) and hydraulic (oil) shock absorbers.

If you’re the kind of person who has to knead dirt on country roads every day or ride off-road frequently (whether for a personal hobby or for work), then AL-KO shock absorbers will come in very handy and at a small price.

The best car shock absorbers produced in Asian countries


Kayaba shock absorbers

A young but potentially very strong company supplying shock absorbers to about 80% of the Chinese market, as well as supplying goods to European and American cars. In their country, they are widely used in Mazda, Honda and almost all Toyota cars (with the exception of Camry and RAV-4).

Since its founding, the company’s bosses wanted to grab a bigger piece of the market, so they launched several conveyor lines at once for the production of road and sports shock absorbers. In general, the nomenclature of the series is as follows:

  • Exel-G — gas-oil shock absorbers for city roads, characterized by increased controllability and minimalist comfort (for those who like to «heap» in the city);
  • Premium — a series of oil shock absorbers of increased comfort;
  • Gas-a-Just — reinforced single-tube rear shocks suitable for popular Japanese drifting;
  • Ultra SR — a lightweight series of sports dampers for better vehicle stability;
  • AGX — sports-type adjustable gas shock absorbers that can be adjusted to your driving style;
  • MonoMax is a gas-oil series operating under high internal pressure. Minimum comfort and maximum handling in the cutoff.


Tokico shock absorbers

Less common than the Kayaba, but softer in feel, Tokico shocks aren’t very popular. The company has only two manufacturing plants: one of them is located directly in Japan, and the other is based in Thailand. But the quality of production in both cases is excellent, which is not typical for most American and European factories. Only a fifth of the exported Japanese cars have this wonderful suspension — this is the trend of the year for the Toyota Camry, the heavier Toyota RAV-4 and almost all Lexus cars, which rely on both speed and comfort.

In addition, shock absorbers are found on some American cars (as a rule, these are Ford models) and Chinese car products — Geely, Cherry and (doubtful information) Lifan. The rest of the market is given to the more popular Kayaba. However, Tokico has one very important advantage over its eternal competitor — the dampers of this company fake much less.


PARTS-MALL shock absorbers

The South Korean manufacturer with a long history PARTS-MALL supplies car suspension parts to the conveyors of such giants as KIA, Hyundai and Daewoo, which indicates the high quality of the products manufactured by this company. Shock absorbers supplied to the secondary market are manufactured according to factory technology, so the choice of the buyer in favor of this brand is obvious.

In the reviews of the owners who replaced the front and rear shock absorbers in their car with PARTS-MALL oil systems, there are positive assessments of the performance of these struts. They confidently provide not only a high level of safety, but also a comfortable ride. Their use guarantees excellent traction, improves vehicle control and reduces braking distances.

The best American-made car shock absorbers


Monroe dampers

Recognized leader in sales of replacement shock absorbers for American and European cars. Despite its origin, Monroe is produced in Belgium, which largely explains such prevalence in the European part of the globe.

On average, racks from Monroe are enough for 20 thousand kilometers — this is almost two times less than the indicators of KONI or Bilstein, however, their price level is incommensurable. As for applicability, they are ideal only in conditions of a smooth roadway — on bumpy roads, the vibration damping efficiency is significantly reduced. Like many other manufacturers, Monroe produces several running series at once:

  • Reflex — shock absorbers of increased comfort, providing smooth passage of bumps and potholes (do not live long);
  • Original — purely factory models with standard passport parameters;
  • Radial-Matic, Gas-Matic — a series of two-pipe oil struts with a higher resource and damping ability;
  • Van-Magnum are powerful shock absorbers for off-road and harsh road conditions.


Delphi shock absorbers

A great shock absorber company degenerated into a mediocrity stamper, even though history suggested a brighter future. It was here that the famous McPherson strut was invented, successfully implemented on a number of large automobile lines.

Numerous amateur studies show that once invented here, single-tube dampers with gas backwater experience great difficulties in damping vibrations when passing through road joints and continuous bumps. The remaining coefficients are also low, but not as disastrous as the above-mentioned smoothness. But such studies (half of which were carried out on the knee in the garage) cannot be 100% trusted. At the same time, it turns out that the purchase of shock absorbers from Delphi is entirely an individual risk, which can both pleasantly surprise and greatly disappoint.


ACDelco shock absorbers

Many owners associate the products of this American company with quality and reliability — these are the shock absorbers that are installed on Kadillac, GMC, HUMMER cars. Many users consider this the main reason for the slightly overpriced ACDelco racks, although the original product does not cause any complaints. True, on the market you can buy a Chinese counterpart in the same package, so when choosing, you should give preference to trusted suppliers.

Shock absorbers are installed in cars not only of American and European manufacturers (the same Renault). Front and rear racks, as well as other products of the company, are supplied to the assembly lines of Toyota, Daewoo, Saab, and Opel, and cars of these brands have a reputation for being the most reliable. In the reviews of the owners of new VAZ models, as well as the domestic Niva SUV, there are positive assessments of the work of ACDelco shock absorbers. In addition, when buying racks from a certified seller, during the year it is possible to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.

The best automobile shock absorbers produced in the CIS countries


SAAZ shock absorbers

The products of the Skopinsky Automobile Aggregate Plant, which are quite easy to distinguish from the total mass. The fact is that the manufacturer’s lineup is limited only to twin-tube shock absorbers (in a classic black case, if it matters). They are inexpensive, but have a couple of interesting features. Firstly, unlike foreign analogues, there is a rebound damper here, which saves when driving on deafly uneven roads (of which, alas, there are enough in Russia). Having added in such a rather useful component, another vulnerability has opened up at the racks — they poorly work out road joints, which is why smoothness suffers.

Another characteristic feature of Russian shock absorbers is that they are maintainable. True, it is not a fact that the cost of repairs and the quality subsequently obtained (residual in nature) will be the best way out of the situation. But the plant’s marketing went even further: now each client can order shock absorbers according to their own wishes (SAAZ-Enga series). SAAZ is a guaranteed and inexpensive option for replacing racks for the entire line of “young” and “old” VAZ and Niva cars.


TRIALLI shock absorbers

A feature of the brand is the supply of spare parts in two fundamentally different categories: medium and premium segments. The company can afford to produce products with the declared quality, thanks to which, in a fairly short time, it was able not only to take a leading position in the domestic market, but also to gain respect from the consumer, who received a reliable analogue to replace the factory racks.

Front and rear shock absorbers can be installed on cars such as Renault Duster, VAZ 2121, Chevrolet Niva, LADA model range, as well as on other foreign cars, both passenger and commercial. Owner reviews are often quite contradictory, but given that there are many fakes on the market, everything becomes clear. The demand for products from car owners in Europe, America, as well as Asian countries only confirms the quality of products and high competitiveness.


BelMag shock absorbers

BelMag shock absorbers are designed for car owners who prefer a calm driving style. The two-pipe oil-filled design provides a significantly greater margin of safety and operating comfort (when mounted on the front and rear axle at the same time). This product has become an excellent alternative to the factory shock absorbers of domestic cars, including the VAZ 2121 NIVA model for difficult operating conditions.

The viscosity of the oily liquid ensures the performance of the hydraulic fender at the lowest possible temperatures (-40 ° C), which allows the use of BelMag products in the harsh northern regions of Russia. Shock absorbers can be installed not only on the model range of the VAZ family. The excellent characteristics of the racks of this brand are clearly evidenced by the fact of deliveries to the assembly lines of Nissan, Renault, LADA and even the Japanese Datsun. Affordable price and decent quality (manufacturer’s warranty is 50 thousand km) became the reason for the popularity of shock absorbers of this brand in the domestic market.

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