Rating of the best manufacturers of entrance doors


The front door ensures the safety of the household, creates comfort in the house and helps to preserve personal space. Therefore, its choice should be approached carefully. It is important to carefully study not only the appearance of the model and the quality of the materials used, but also the manufacturer.

How to choose a front door

Choice of base material. The front door can be made from several materials.

  1. Steel construction provides maximum strength to the doorway, unless it is made of “foil” (thin metal less than 1.0 mm). The main disadvantage of the material (corrosion) is leveled by a high-quality polymer coating.
  2. Wooden front doors are the most environmentally friendly and aesthetic option. They have sufficient strength, but changes in temperature and humidity adversely affect the geometry. Therefore, the scope is limited to apartments.
  3. Plastic doors are not afraid of moisture and cold. They are affordable and easy to maintain. But in terms of environmental friendliness, plastic is inferior to wood.

Choice of locking system. One of the main obstacles for thieves is the castle. But the more secrets appear, the more modern the master keys become. Today, not only mechanical locking devices, but also electronic systems are very popular. With their help, it is possible to monitor the front door remotely using a mobile application. Maximum reliability, according to experts, is provided by entrance doors with a combined locking system.

Noise isolation. All entrance doors are soundproof. But they can seriously differ in efficiency. If the courtyard of a village house is rarely noisy, then you should not spend extra money on soundproofing. But in urban conditions, high-quality sound insulation is indispensable.

Finishing. Manufacturers of entrance doors use different types of design of their products.

  1. For wooden and some metal structures, painting is used. But if impregnation and varnish are used in the case of wood, then polymer (powder) paint has become popular to protect steel parts.
  2. Many metal doors are made using MDF or plastic panels. These finishing materials are easy to maintain, in addition, they improve the soundproofing properties of the canvas.

Top manufacturers of entrance doors


DIERRE entrance doors

Employees of the company independently develop door structures, introduce advanced developments in the field of locking systems. The pride of Dierre is the creation of so-called «smart» doors equipped with remote control technology. You can unlock and lock the door using a chip with 128-bit encryption.

Another distinctive feature of Dierre products is a modern design, which is matched with unique fittings. Thus, a special style of models is observed, sustained in the best traditions of exclusivity and chic. Also, experts note the high manufacturability of the door production process, which provides an impeccable appearance, quality and reliability of products.


VINCHELLI entrance doors

In addition to finished products, Vinchelli offers its customers to manufacture solid wood entrance doors according to individual projects. For the production of premium products, the most expensive and high-quality varieties of oak, larch, alder, durable fittings and eco-friendly varnishes, as well as Italian finishes and modern design solutions are used. Wood has no smell, so models from it can be installed in children’s rooms.

Wooden entrance doors have a long service life, they are not subject to deformation, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, have good sound insulation, and retain heat in the room. In their reviews, users note the functionality and strength of Vinchelli door structures, which are easy to install, do not creak and last more than 10 years.


GARDESA entrance doors

All brand products are distinguished by reliability, safety, durability and stylish design. Entrance doors Gardesa belong to the elite segment, therefore, have a high cost. They are created in a fully automated production, which ensures unsurpassed quality.

The door block consists of two parts: a box and a main panel made of high-strength steel layer 1.5 mm thick, supplemented with stiffeners. This configuration provides optimal pairing of the door with the opening. Products are equipped with locks of 1, 2 and 3 burglary resistance classes. Also, the manufacturer has thoroughly worked out soundproofing: customers are invited to choose one of five thresholds.

Thanks to a huge range of decorative panels, you can choose a door that will fit into any interior.


GUARDIAN entrance doors

Entrance doors «Guardian» are in demand among customers who primarily appreciate the aesthetics of the presented models. The range offers many original pieces for apartments and country houses. There are no complaints about other characteristics either. Fire safety, burglary resistance, sound insulation, extended service life are confirmed by international certificates.

The model range contains both budget entrance doors and premium class items. Regardless of the cost, all doors are made of solid steel leaf with rigid ribs. The parts are connected by spot welding, thus ensuring high structural strength. Locks have 2 and 4 security classes, they are placed in a pocket, supplemented with armor plates.

In general, users highly appreciate the quality of Guardian entrance doors. Of the negative points, not the fastest service is noted. Even minor problems are fixed by the company’s employees for a long time.


LE GRAND entrance doors

Steel entrance doors have an extensive range of decorative finishes. The dimensions of the finished structures are easy to choose for any doorway. As locking systems, you can choose locks of varying degrees of burglary resistance. At the same time, the models have high wear resistance and are not subject to corrosion. All parts, elements and systems have a high service life.

“Le Grand” offers rather inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality entrance doors. The standard door has a steel layer thickness of 1.5 mm, a door block width of 5 cm and two sealing contours. Due to the ideal geometric shape, the gap between the box and the door leaf is minimal. The hinges can be adjusted for maximum overlap. At the request of the client, it is possible to install additional armor plates and strengthen the locking area.


TOREX entrance doors

Door structures are manufactured on automated lines using Italian, Japanese and Swiss equipment. Torex has the latest patented technologies that provide high quality products that meet international standards.

The range of the company includes steel and iron entrance doors of increased security and fire resistance.

The model range represents 9 series, each of which has dozens of different finishes. Regardless of the model, all the company’s products have good performance and durability. The thickness of the metal insert is 1.5-2 mm, and the door leaf has a width of 7 cm. A different range of doors allows you to find the right one for any doorway. It is also possible to make an input structure according to an individual order, taking into account any wishes of the client.


BRAVO entrance doors

The company manufactures products of an extensive price range: from the most budgetary models to premium options, offering customers more than 300 varieties that can be matched to any interior. In addition to entrance doors, Bravo supplies interior doors and all the necessary fittings for them. The materials used are: high-strength steel, wood and high-quality synthetics.

Bravo entrance doors are distinguished by a rigid and lightweight design. For their production, steel plates with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm are used. Locks with various operating systems are inserted into the locking blocks. At the request of customers, employees of the company will install additional protective mechanisms.


GROFF entrance doors

Groff entrance doors are made from thick steel sheets, reinforced structures with rigid ribs and fire-resistant mineral wool. The kit also includes accessories: locks, handles, canopies, hinges and more. As a result, the company’s products are distinguished by reliability, durability, high sound insulation. The manufacturer does not forget about aesthetic qualities — a wide range of decorative panels is used for decoration.

The range of entrance doors includes many different models that can meet the needs of any client. The selected model delivers the next day, in addition, you can use the quick installation service. Groff allows customers to choose the design of the door themselves or make some adjustments to an existing project. As a result, users receive high-quality ready-made entrance groups that are installed in apartments or private houses. Durability of use is guaranteed by a subsequent ten-year service from the manufacturer.

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