Overview of the best plumbing manufacturers


Plumbing is an important part of the bathroom and kitchen. It is responsible not only for functionality, but also is the basis of the interior in the room. A well-chosen toilet bowl, faucet and shower can transform your apartment. Currently, building stores offer a huge selection of similar products from Russian and foreign companies. Our review will help you decide on the model and functional components.

TOP of the best plumbing manufacturers

Jacob Delafon

Jacob Delafon plumbing

A French company that has gained popularity due to the high quality of its products. This is confirmed by relevant international certificates. Among the rich assortment, everyone can find a suitable sanitary accessory for the bathroom, kitchen or toilet. In the production process, the company uses modern achievements and the latest technology. This affects the strength of products, reliability and durability. The main part of the models has a classic design, but there are also individual unusual series.

Manufacturer France
Guarantee period 25 years
Material ceramics


  • modern approach;
  • eco materials.


  • difficult to mount.


Grohe plumbing

The most important point for buyers is the quality of the material and the provision of a long-term guarantee from the brand. Many experts consider Grohe the best European manufacturer. Its plumbing is distinguished by recognized German quality, reliability and durability. The catalog includes dozens of models of faucets, showers, baths, sinks and kitchen utensils. Most of them are as simple as possible to assemble, do not require special care and retain their original appearance after years of use.

Manufacturer Germany
Guarantee period 10 years
Branches 150 countries
Material sanitary ceramics


  • easy repair;
  • long service life;
  • elegant design.


  • counterfeits are common.

Sanita Luxe

Sanita Luxe sanitary ware

The domestic company produces a variety of sanitary products, which are of high quality and are not inferior to foreign competitors. Most models are relatively inexpensive, making them affordable for everyone. Plumbing fits perfectly into the interior of the room. Sanita Lux also differs from competitors in a wide range of products. It presents a variety of models of toilet bowls, sinks (floor-mounted and wall-hung), washbasins and bathroom furniture. All products are made from quality materials, which is confirmed by a long warranty.

Manufacturer Russia
Guarantee period 15 years
Material porcelain


  • high quality;
  • availability;
  • available in most stores.


  • simple design.


Arcus plumbing

One of the best representatives of Asian plumbing companies. The range consists of shower cabins, sinks, toilet bowls. Each model is individually designed and has a distinctive design. The design is bright and unusual forms. It is more focused on a bold interior with rich accents. The company pays attention to the smallest elements, bringing them to an ideal state. High quality is confirmed by the presence of international certificates.

Manufacturer China
Guarantee period 12 months
Material porcelain, fiberglass, ABS plastic


  • unique design;
  • strength.


  • the catalog does not contain many elements of sanitary products;
  • short warranty.


Triton plumbing

This manufacturer specializes in the production of bathroom accessories. Goods are of high quality, so they serve their owners for a long time. Proof of this is the long-term warranty that the company gives on most models of bathtubs and showers. In the production of its products, Triton uses special technologies taken from foreign partners. Due to this approach, plumbing retains an attractive appearance for a long time. The advantage is the original solution of most products.

Manufacturer Russia
Guarantee period 10 years
Material sanitary ware


  • high quality;
  • simple installation and maintenance.


  • narrow focus.

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard plumbing

This brand supplies high-quality sanitary ware not only to Russia, but also to other countries. It operates under strict EU regulations. The catalog of the company is distinguished by a wide selection of models. It includes quality sanitary fittings for the toilet, kitchen and bathroom. Most of the models stand out for their bold design, thanks to which they will become an adornment of any interior.

Manufacturer Belgium
Range more than 12000 products
Guarantee period 25 years
Material ceramics


  • reliability;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • attractive pricing policy.


  • complex installation.
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